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Danny & Jackson come from large market commercial radio.  In 2011, when Danny's contract was up, management wanted him to play music in the morning.  Danny saw this as a way to self destruct what they had built and did not resign.  He started his own successful commercial production and voice over agency.  Jackson met Danny about fifteen years ago at a radio convention and they quickly became friends.  When Danny got banned from the Charlotte Airport and Jackson was banned from any Taylor Swift appearance they knew they had to do a podcast called "Officially Banned."  Danny engineers and co-hosts the show from Willoughby, Ohio and Jackson broadcasts from Greenwood Mississippi.

They are the best of friends and love to rip on each other.  We would love it if you tuned in for our politically incorrect train ride.

Mar 27, 2019

Danny & Jackson talk about:  Super Fan Jon Higgens, Being Banned Again, Disability, Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Seattle City Council, AOC, Seth Myers, Fox News and more!